4 Ways You Can Prepare for the SAT

SAT help is offered on collegeboard.org.

SAT help is offered on collegeboard.org.

Skylar Cross, Staff Writer

Unfortunately, the SAT is a test that requires separate practice, aside from your core classes. Most students hold the assumption that what is covered in class will carry them on the test. This is possible, just highly unlikely. If you’re someone who is wanting a higher score,—and doesn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on tutoring—here’s some ways you can prepare for the big test.

  1. Download this app. The Dictionary app allows you to learn new vocabulary in a quick and convenient way. Next to reading the dictionary this is a full-proof way to prepare for the Critical Reading and Writing sections of the test. Just set aside 2-5 minutes a day to check the ‘Word of the Day’ and you’ll easily build a larger spectrum of vocabulary, including words you’ve never heard like labyrinthine and ensconce.
  2. Make collegeboard.org your home page. This site offers an SAT Question of the Day, as well as endless practice SAT tests. Not only does it give you direct practice for the SAT, College Board also lists colleges’ average SAT score, so you’ll know what score you need in order to more likely be accepted into your dream college.
  3. Attend Saturday Success. Saturday Success starts again on January 31. You may be giving up a Saturday morning, but it’s a well-worth-it sacrifice. It starts at 7 AM and last until about noon. After the two sessions of SAT prep are over, pizza is served in the library. Oh, and it’s free. Enough said.
  4. Take timed practice tests. This is really the only full proof way to prepare for the test. You can find practice SAT tests online and also in any SAT Practice booklet, that can be purchased at just about any Barnes & Noble and other bookstores. Our school’s library also has SAT Practice books that can be rented, if the price is a little too steep.

The SAT for this year’s Juniors will be held on February 25th, and if you just follows these steps you’re much more likely to be successful on test day, no need to stress!