Rent the Runway is a Prom Phenomenon


Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

Many people always see dresses on the runway and fantasize about wearing them, especially as prom gets closer. Now there’s a way, and for a low price. Rent the Runway is an online service that provides designer dresses and accessories for a way cheaper price than the original. These dresses can not be owned but they can be rented.

Rent the Runway has been around since 2009 and has raised more than $60 million. Prom is not the only reason for this website – it can be used for homecomings, holiday parties, and other occasions. This website is extremely helpful for those who want designer dresses but do not have the money.

The dresses sold on this website are not made just for the slimmer variety of women either, they have a plus size section, so women of all sizes can enjoy this website. Users can see reviews on the dresses and even how it looks on the people who previously wore the dress.

This website is the perfect way to find the flawless prom dress seen on the runway that’s affordable. Rent the Runway helps students stress less about the dress. Their online store can be found here.