Weekend Wanderings: Miami’s Mansion

Shuruq Daas, Staff Writer

If you’re thinking of what to do during the weekend, I have an idea for you. Located on 3251 S Miami Ave, the Vizcaya Mansion is the place to see. It was built by millionaire James Deering in the 1910’s. He was diagnosed with pernicious anemia, which the doctors recommended warm climate and sunshine, and what better than to build it in the sunshine state. This house, of venetian style, contains a plethora of rooms Deering built for his guests. Each room is beautifully furnished with elaborate colors and exquisite style that my eyes could not get enough of.  As I entered the rooms, I stood dumbfounded staring at them because I was looking at the exact furniture and beds people for more than 100 years ago stayed in. This house holds so much history and life that it’s an experience needed to be seen.

After you pay at the ticket booth, which is $18 for adults, you walk down a path leading you to the grand entrance. Here are some of the photos I have managed to capture of this beautiful house. For more information and pictures, visit http://vizcaya.org/home.asp