Chiefs Take the ASVAB

Maria Castellon, Staff Writer

On February 27th, Santaluces will be holding the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery). The test is approximately three and a half hours long. The ASVAB measures abilities students have to predict possible future careers and/or Military Specialties. Students 9th through 12th grade are encouraged to take it if they are unsure about what career they would want to pursue.

If interested, students may sign up through their English teachers, Guidance Counselors, or the JROTC Department.

“I feel that it’s a good test if you’re undecided about what you want to do,” said Love Dana Estiverne, a senior. “I like that the test tells you what you’re good at and that it’s held at school.”

The test consists of nine sections:

General Science (GS)

Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)

Word Knowledge (WK)

Paragraph Comprehension (PC)

Mathematics Knowledge (MK)

Electronics Information (EI)

Auto and Shop Information (AS)

Mechanical Comprehension (MC)

Assembling Object (AO)

All sections on the ASVAB are timed. The only section students do not do is the Assembling Objects (AO) section. The test procedures are just like any other. Students are expected to not share any information from the test. Every student’s booklet will be randomized, so no one will have the same order of sections.

“It is a very beneficial test for students,” said Sergeant Major Barlow of JRTOC. “It opens up other options for abilities in specific areas that students may not be aware of.”

Sergeant Major Barlow’s first time taking the ASVAB was in 1982. He urges students that have already taken the ASVAB to study in order to enhance their scores.

For helpful study tools, students can go to “March 2 Success.”