What Classes to Take?


Colleen Rock, Staff Writer

Around campus, students are filling out yellow slips where you can choose your classes for next year. It’s a process that requires lots of thinking of what classes would be good for you; or whether you want an easy or hard year.

There’s a variety of classes to choose from, that can help you further in anything that interests you. For those who know exactly what they want, the decision is easy.

“I’m in pursuit of taking classes that will get me my AICE diploma,” said Viridiana Reyes, a sophomore. “Classes such as Global Perspectives and AICE International.”

Global Perspectives is a new class that is coming next year. It is a class that came from Cambridge in Great Britain. It’s where students choose a current event about anything that interests them, and research both sides throughly. At the end of the course students film a video of their topic at the time and send it to Cambridge to get credit.

“On the subjects it was easy,” said sophomore Eliana Guzman. “But when I did my electives it was hard to pick one.”

Slips were due last Friday, make sure to turn them in if you haven’t already.