Justice is Served at the Banquet

Mishka Brice, Editor-in-Chief

Chiefs that have devoted their time and effort to Santaluces’ Criminal Justice Academy were rewarded at the second annual Criminal Justice banquet.

Criminal Justice Captain, Ismael Cardona and Lieutenants Kenny Dort and Payton Jordan delivered speeches about the academy. Palm Beach County Sheriff Rick L. Bradshaw was introduced as the guest of honor and gave a speech of his own on how important the academy is. Former principal Dr. Weigel visited to support the program that she started last year.

“It’s just nice to realize our dream,” said Dr. Weigel. “The community is better for it, our children are given such a great opportunity to be in leadership roles and to see what it looks like to be in law enforcement from the inside out. I look around the room and see the synergy and the leadership and the activity, and you know what, I walked away from here retired, and my dream was realized.”

Cadets were honored with awards for various accomplishments such as academic achievement, community service, and good conduct within the program.

“[I’m] relieved and very proud of everyone who had built this academy,” said Captain Cardona. “I’ve achieved a sense of good character, knowledge, and learning to break out of my shell. [I have] a love for criminal justice. It’s like a second family.”

Chipotle catered, providing chicken and steak bowls or burritos with their trademark toppings. Officer Perez, and Colonel Martin were bided with bittersweet goodbyes and respects were given to Colonel James Storms who is planning on retiring next year after 31 years of service.

“It’s a great event for our students, our parents, and our staff, basically to recognize the accomplishments of our students this year,” said Principal Robinson. “I’m very pleased with the partnership with the Sheriff’s office as well as the school police office. The partnership has just been so rich, and it’s really impacted our students in a very positive way.”

Courtesy of the Sheriff’s Foundation, a new obstacle course for the physical fitness component of the program is being installed this summer to continue developing the still-new academy.