Join the Yoga and Vegetarian Club

Davidson Domond, Staff Writer

Are you interested in exploring the ways of yoga and vegetarianism? If so, then the Yoga and Vegetarian club might be a perfect fit for you.

The club has its first meeting of the year this on Thursday, August 27th, and will be held in portable 5, from 2:50pm-3:10pm.

No need to be worried about being a new member of the club because everyone is welcome to join.

The only requirement is you must have your own transportation home. Learning how to respect all living beings and health are some of their commonly discussed topics.

Comfortable attire is recommended, which includes clothing like yoga pants and loose tops.

“Yoga is all about finding inner peace,” said Mrs. Regan, the club sponsor. “It’s important that students find away to find that [peace] and take some time to look within.”