Meet Mrs. Smith

Sergio Lopez, Staff Writer

Mrs. Smith, the new assistant principal at Santaluces, can be described as outgoing, but that would just be scratching the surface of who Mrs. Smith is.

As one of the assistant principals at Santaluces, Mrs. Smith is in charge of testing and the academies.

Before coming to Santaluces, Mrs. Smith taught at Palm Beach Lakes as a Debate coach, a Yearbook editor, an English teacher, and a Digital Design teacher.

Mrs. Smith graduated from Baurch College, located in New York City, with a Masters in International Business and a Bachelors in Corporate Communications.

After working at the District offices, Mrs. Smith decided to go back to a high school and Santaluces had an opening. Her reason for leaving the District was based on her passion to have a impact on students’ lives.

“At the district office I didn’t work as closely with kids,” said Mrs. Smith. “I loved being in a position where I got to work with multiple schools, but [I didn’t] really get to connect with the kids like that, so I really missed that.”

Mrs. Smith had many stories to share about working directly with kids, but instead of using just words, she took out a shoe box that was filled with dozens of cards.

“There are cards in here that students gave me on Mother’s Day, before I was even a mother,” said Mrs. Smith.  “This box reminds of me why I do what I do.”