Teacher Profile: Meet Mr. Demming

Davidson Domond, Staff Writer

Mr. Demming is a new Biology teacher in the Chief family. He graduated from Penn State University, where he studied secondary education for biology.

From Pennsylvania to West Palm Beach, Florida, Mr. Demming has traveled quite a bit to get to where he is now. His traveling was fueled by the experience of being able to do something new, and he also loves Florida’s weather. “He’s a good teacher,” said student Alton Spells, “I like how we do labs in class,”.

Demming’s family is full of teachers, but his main reason for teaching biology is his interest in science. Biology is all around us, and he feels like it’s taken for granted.

“Mr. Demming is always trying to look for new ways to try teach to keep his students excited about Biology” said Mrs. Pirchio, a science teacher.

So far, Mr. Demming has been having a great time being a Chief.

“I like that it’s a wide variety of people from different places,” said Mr. Demming. “Everyone is very welcoming to me and that’s helpful being a new teacher.”

One of his favorite things to do in his free time is golf. However, that’s not the only sport he has experience playing. He has been playing baseball his whole life.

Demming played outfield and first base for his school’s varsity baseball team. He also played defensive end and tight end for the varsity football team in his sophomore year.

After high school, Mr. Demming went on to play baseball at a junior college, but after some time passed, he realized that education was more important, so he transferred to Penn State to continue his education.

Back in Pennsylvania, he used to work as a coach for the JV baseball team at Lakeland High School. Mr. Demming hopes to eventually start coaching here at Santaluces, too.