One Month to Go, Seniors

Nicole Kalpin, Staff Writer

Now that Spring Break is over, seniors have one last full month of school. Excitement is in the air as they prepare for adult life. With about 40 days until the seniors leave, there’s plenty in store to keep them busy.

GradBash is right around the corner. The class of 2016 has the chance to visit Universal at a discounted rate. About 200 are allowed due to limited bus space. The seniors will be able to visit the park all night on April 8th while it is closed to the general public.

Also on the calendar is prom. This year’s prom theme is “Dance the Nile Away.” Hosted on April 15th, juniors and seniors will have a ball with their friends and dates.

“When I went to go pick up my prom dress, I got it the first try, the first store,” said senior Cindy Campos. “The top of it [has to be] hemmed because it’s a little loose [on the shoulder and waist].”

It’s not all fun and games, though. Everyone’s favorite tests are coming back for the Spring.

AP/AICE tests are scheduled to begin by the middle of April. The testing window will go from the mid-April to the beginning of June. If students are scheduled to have two tests at the same time, one of them will be rescheduled for another date.

The tests required for graduation – the EOCs – are also coming back. Retakes and normal EOC’s are scheduled to start this month as well. The EOCs include classes such as Algebra I & II, Biology, Geometry, and U.S. History.

The last day for seniors will be announced this week at a class meeting.