My Senior Year in Rewind

Bonnie Praphatphong, Staff Writer

Starting your freshman, sophomore, or junior year is nerve-racking, but entering senior year is like a whole new world. In your senior year, you start the final chapter of high school and it sadly has to come to an end (with hopefully a happy ending).

Past Years

9th- Freshmen are treated like the babies of high school and maybe a step above the little chief. Most of them find their way and I was lucky to find friends. I did great in school and just kept my head to the books.

10th– Around sophomore year there is a sense of entitlement because you make it through the first year. I was in the AP/AICE classes so I definitely felt at times that I had an upper hand and that life would come easy. I was wrong of course as there are always obstacles in life.

11th- Many juniors, including me, were exhausted and counting the days untill senior year. The scene in High School Musical 2, where they count down the seconds to summer, kept rewinding in my head. Junior year makes you feel as if you are running track; There is always anticipation for that gun to go off so you can make it through the year as fast as you can to finish the race (senior year). The finish line is close and then fatigue sets in along the way. I, fortunately, crossed the finish line, but I didn’t win the gold medal like all juniors should.

Senior Year

Here is a breakdown of my senior year:

Cost- At the start of my senior, year I was more nervous compared to past years. Weirdly enough, school doesn’t teach you about life and the costs involved. I never applied to college before and never needed to find money to pay for an application fee. For the Class of 2017, SIT DOWN WITH YOUR PARENTS AND TALK ABOUT FINANCES. By the time first semester was over, I had spent nearly $500 on a yearbook, college applications, homecoming, school events, etc. I was fortunate enough to have parents that would cover the costs, but for other seniors this year hits big for finances.

Friends- In 9th grade, I was lucky enough to make a group of friends. At the start of senior year, those friends were still my friends, except a few. It is okay to let go of a friend, because sometimes you realize they were not your friend to begin with. It is sad, but most of the people you meet in high school and become friends with will not be there in your future.

Academics- It is extremely important to keep up with your grades as a senior. I took a backseat to my classes and it nearly gave me a heart attack that last week before grade were finalized. In senior year, I was stupid for not trying to break bad habits like procrastinating and missing small assignments. The mindset to have is to think that your senior year is the year to prep for college. A professor will not accept late work like your favorite teacher would. This time of the year is the to time to grow and not fall short to your potential.

Newspaper- I was lucky to have newspaper my senior year. I would recommend any senior joining a class outside of their comfort zone and challenge themselves. For me, I was always a weak writer, so choosing a class that centered on writing enabled me to work on my biggest weakness.  It’s a great opportunity if you take it, but for me, I resorted back to bad habits. For me and for anyone reading this, sometimes you are your own worst enemy. I chose not to write assignments and waste my time. By the end of my last year I wish I could go back and tell myself that: 1) I am a lot better than what I think of myself and 2) I was the only one stopping myself from success.

Future- “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”- William Shakespeare