Goodbye Timpone

Haley Hinkofer, Staff Writer

Whether you called him Coach, Mr, or the annoying guy yelling at you to put away your headphones in the 1000 building, Timpone made an impact in many students lives.

Coach Timpone touched the lives of many students, especially the wrestling team. He was more than just a coach, he was a leader and a motivator. Last season the wrestling team had many set backs from people not making weight for tournaments  and the team not working together in the room. Timpone worked with the people that didn’t make weight and helped them make it the following week. When there were arguments in the room between teammates over multiple things throughout the season, Timpone was the one that was able to bring everyone back to ground and get them to focus on what was really important which the tournament of that week.

With Timpone at the heart of the wrestling team along with the other coaches – Franco, Matt, and Arguesti- the team became conference champions, defeated Park Vista for the first time in over twenty years, and attended district champions.

Some of the wrestlers spoke about their favorite memories with Timpone and how he allowed them to excel not just in wrestling, but in their lives.

Ian Sorensen, Senior: “Timpone helped me a lot in school whenI was in trouble. If I needed help I turned to him and he always had a way to solve the problem.”

Alex Blizter, Senior: “Well being scared of Timpone is what really motivated me [in wrestling]. Timpone just being the hard head that he is, is what made me never fall behind or slack off because I know he would bite my head off if I did.”

Mike Medio, Senior: “Recently Timpone told me “I’ve taught you everything I could teach you, I’m counting on you to lead this team and take states.” Him saying this to me makes me focus on making this team go out with an even bigger bang than last year and make sure that I go further than just qualifying to states.”

Nick Whittington, Senior: “He was the first coach that could hit me and I could hit him back harder. He made me better and stronger for my matches.”

Gabriel Burzycki, Graduate and State Qualifier: “Every time I would get anergy after using a match, Timpone always calmed me down. He always motivated me to achieve my fun potential and would always give one on one attention to not only me, but all of his wrestlers so he can give them specific instructions so they can be the best that they can. Honestly, if it wasn’t for him being so hard on me, I probably would have not gone to states.”

We want to say goodbye to Timpone and wish him good luck at his new school and job position.