Stickers For Star Students


Olivia Moore, Managing Editor

At the end of the first quarter, students were expecting their official report card. Whether they were anxious about the turnouts or they were confident in their grades, some students came to a surprise when they noticed a giant round sticker plastered on their report card.

Starting this year, the school has awarded those who performed well on their report card with a sticker congratulating them on their academic excellence. Those who were awarded with these stickers received a 3.0 or higher during their first quarter.

“I feel like the sticker was a nice recognition for our hard work,” said senior Lauren Martinez. “School is very stressful and is nice that once in a while the school recognizes our hard work and do small things to show us.”

Something as small as a sticker can be motivating and help to build self esteem in those working hard for the grades they get. So whether you want to receive a sticker for the first time, or just simply build your collection, then make sure you get on top of your assignments and you’ll be well on your way to getting one next quarter.