Military Ball


Tiffany Stavrakas, Staff Writer

The JROTC academy held their annual Military ball last Saturday at the American German club. This venue is the same place they hold OctoberFest.

This event is extremely formal, and has a strict formal dress code. For females you have to wear a dress that goes past your knees, preferably one down to your ankle. For males you can wear your class A if in the JROTC academy or a suit if you aren’t in the academy.

During the event when you first walk in there’s a reception line. This is where you walk in a line and shake the JROTC instructors hands, the principles and other important people that were there. Following this you would take your seat and wait for LTC Stone to open the mass. Mass is opened with a color guard.

We do several toasts to the school, people in charge of the school, and the military.

Tradition is that you have to have a Madame Vice. She sits in front of the venue and plays the role of testing the food. Once she tests the food, everyone gets called to get their food.

After food we do an award ceremony to recognize outstanding cadets. We gave raiders their varsity letters and gave trophies to cadets that took a leadership position.

After all of the formal activities there’s time for entertainment. This is the part that most people look forward to, as everyone gets to dance and have a good time with their friends.

This event is usually held in February, but this year we held it in December to avoid having it around testing.

Even if you aren’t extremely involved in JROTC it’s a good chance to make friends and have a good time.