JROTC is Getting a New Instructor


Tiffany Stavrakas, Staff Writer

In the beginning of this school year the JROTC academy lost one of their instructors when Master Sergeant Gibson left the academy.

Master Sergeant Gibson used to teach the LET 2 classes. Once he left, these classes were split between Sergeant Major Barlow and LTC Stone.

Master Sergeant Gibson was in charge of our uniforms, ribbons, and driving the bus for our competitions, along with teaching classes. Since Master Sergeant left Sergeant Major Barlow and LTC Stone have had more on their plates than they used too. Finding someone to fill this spot will make things less hectic for both of them.

The JROTC academy has been without a third instructor since early September, but both LTC Stone and SGM Barlow are working hard to find someone to fill this position. They’re doing their best to make sure the person they put in the position will work well with them and the program.

“I’m really happy that someone is going to help us prepare for JPA and take the weight that was on Master Sergeant, but I’m really sad that he had to leave. He was super nice.” said junior Lya Vieira, a student in the JROTC academy.

There are currently several different people that are applying to fill the empty position. It’s going to take some time to narrow it down to find the best person for the job.

Hopefully they find someone soon. The JROTC academy has an extremely important evaluation in February which could make or break our program. Having another instructor before this time would ensure that we are more thoroughly prepared.

No one will ever be Master Sergeant Gibson and fill the same spot he did in our academy, but having an extra hand to help better our academy would be a good thing to have.