Mother’s Day ft. Chiefs


Stephanie Ballesteros , Staff Writer

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Chiefs are determined to show their love to their motherly figures.

Year round, mothers have been showing their unconditional love towards their children; now, it’s the children’s turn to return the affection. Although some may argue that this holiday should be unnecessary – you should show your love towards your mother year round –  it’s still a nice day to plan something out for your mom.

Some traditional activities to do for your mom are: take her out to dinner, write a personalized card, take her breakfast in bed, and buy her flowers. However, when asked, Chiefs spiced things up a bit.

What will you be giving your mom for Mother’s Day this year? 

“I want to find the biggest way to pay her back for everything she’s done for me,” junior, Kernst Noel.

“She doesn’t need any materialistic thing, that’s why I show her my love every day,” junior, Hueqondra Clarke.

“My mom has a purse collection so I’m going to buy her a new purse,” junior, Micaela Costales.

“I’ll be giving her a big dinner and a diamond necklace, for the 16 years she took care of me and the 13 years she took care of my brother,” sophomore, Nick Beck.

Obviously, many students have different ways to show their mothers affection. However you plan on celebrating your mom, make sure it’s in a way that shows her appreciation for all that she’s done for you. Happy early Mother’s Day!