Look Back At It

Look Back At It

Yudibel Ortiz, Staff Writter

The final semester of the class of 2015 is almost coming to an end, and the senior class is looking to their futures. Some of them, however, are still stuck on their past. As they get closer and closer to graduation, students start asking themselves “what if?” questions on how they could’ve altered their high school experience.

Students are wondering how much different their high school careers could have been if they had came to school more, were nicer to a teacher or to a student, or even if they cared a little more about their classes.

One senior, Veronica Flores, wishes she had came to school more often and focused more.

“I would change my Junior year. I slacked off too much and didn’t pay attention to my classes,” said Flores. “If I had I wouldn’t be stuck retaking them in E2020.”

Other students, like Senior Kaylee Kamin, wish they had done a better job at preparing for their future.

“I regret not preparing for my future by applying for scholarships, looking into more colleges, or just getting more information,” said Kamin. “If I could do anything different, I would have focused on my future more by trying harder for good grades, applying and preparing for college and caring more about myself in general.”

Other students have no regrets or wish they did nothing differently. Some, like Cindy Carballo, just wish they joined more clubs and participated in more school activities.  Meanwhile, other seniors, like Joseph Alves, were so focused on school that they neglected to do minor things like getting their permit.

High school doesn’t come with a hand book and students just have to go with the flow. Some manage to make out better then others, but they all make it out. The only thing that should be on the minds of seniors now is Graduation.