Teachers Perform a Rally to Remember

Abbey Brannock and Mishka Brice

Chiefs took a break from all of the non-stop testing to watch their teachers perform to motivate them towards success at the Rally to Graduate on Wednesday.

For almost 10 years, the teachers and administrators have organized this pep rally with self-created performances from the English, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Math departments.

As in past years, Mr. Krupa, Mr. Ramos, and Coach T. made their triumphant return as The Neopolitans, singing their number one hit, “Ain’t No Test Hard Enough.” Other returning stars included Ms. Monahan as Ellen Degeneres and Coach T. again as Lebron James with Sergeant Major Barlow and principal Mrs. Robinson making their appearances as Mr. and Mrs. Obama.

Math teacher Ms. Fouchet danced elegantly as Taylor Swift and Christina Aguilera with math teacher Mr. Forsythe as her partner.

Teachers came together for the final performance, started by the English department called “Chieftown Funk.” The positive energy from the pep rally inspires students to do well on exams and finish the year strong.