New Travis Scott Album Spreads Its Wings


Courtesy of Travis Scott

Birds In the Trap Sing McKnight

Kyle Swaters, Staff Writer

Travis Scott released his third project Birds In the Trap Sing McKnight, which follows his mixtape Days Before Rodeo and 2015 debut album, Rodeo. After a delayed release which disgruntled many anxious fans, Scott finally dropped the the highly anticipated album. As soon as it hit the shelves, Birds (the album’s unanimously shortened nickname) already garnered attention for its cover art. The sinister, striking appearance of Scott with black wings on his back and smoke in the air was equally as dark and empowering as the tracks themselves.

Upon listening to the mellowed out yet hard hitting track list, one would be surprised to discover a lack of Travis Scott himself. Birds features 14 different artists on 14 different tracks. The star studded lineup which includes Kendrick Lamar, 21 Savage, and Young Thug really puts Scott in the back seat of his own project. Not that featuring over a dozen artists more recognizable than himself is something to criticize, but it does take away the focus from Scott. Maybe he has found his niche as a master of ceremonies of sorts, compiling mainstream artists’ verses and hooks into a consolidated package that offers something special for a variety of listeners.

Two tracks that sparked the most attention were “Biebs in the Trap” and “Goosebumps.” They feature Justin Bieber and Kendrick Lamar, respectively. Goosebumps is well deserving of the hype as Kendrick never fails to deliver meaningful, blazing fast vocal work. On the other hand, the Justin Bieber feature is a bit of a stretch. Not only does the song lack any sort of real lyrical content, the concept of auto-tuning one of pop’s most idolized sellouts and throwing him to the wolves of hip hop is a bit washed up. Clearly the Bieber feature was meant to draw attention to Scott’s diverse range of collaborations. Scott can draw from as many high profile artists as he wants, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will add their own level of musicality to his work.

The enticing, almost psychedelic feel of Scott’s signature sound is present on this new album, even amongst the guest star lineup. It retains his style while incorporating artists that many fans were shocked and exhilarated to listen to. In an age where music is almost disposable, Birds In the Trap Sing McKnight will surely being sticking around on many playlists.