Alter Bridge Releases “The Last Hero”


Photo Courtesy of Alter Bridge

Kyle Swaters, Staff Writer

Modern day heavy metal disciples Alter Bridge released their fifth studio album earlier this month titled The Last Hero. It is their first album since Fortress released in 2013, and consists of the same lineup of band members as their previous albums. While many anticipated the reunion, release, and ultimately tour for this album, I felt it was a forced attempt to revive some sort of energy and style that the band saw dissipate years ago. Each member had successfully been a part of other bands and groups since Alter Bridge last produced any music, and the lack of cohesiveness and passion of past years is very apparent on this album.

The single “Show Me A Leader” from the album is really the only track that strikes me as unique and special. It maintains a balance of thrash, groove, and melodic rhythm that Alter Bridge is known for having. That track represents the pinnacle of Alter Bridge and the unique sound they have developed as a heavy metal band. In a genre where creating and maintaining an identity can be very difficult, this song proves that there is still some gas left in Alter Bridge’s songwriting tank.

On the whole, this album seems very overworked. I feel as if it was a forced attempt to bring back and change something that was left on such a good note. Mark Tremonti, the lead guitarist and co-fonder of Alter Bridge, now has his own band known as “Tremonti.” The lead singer, Myles Kennedy, has recently recorded and toured with Guns N Roses icon Slash. These two band members have gone on to be very successful in their post-Alter Bridge careers. Returning to the past instead of focusing on the future is not always a good thing from a musical standpoint. However, if people want a reunion and a tour, then Alter Bridge was smart to deliver.