Book Review: Nothing Burns As Bright As You

Nothing Burns As Bright As You is  a must-read novel by Ashley Woodfolk.

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Nothing Burns As Bright As You is a must-read novel by Ashley Woodfolk.

Naeemah Cerizier, Guest Contributer

Nothing Burns As Bright As You is an intriguing story of first love and being physically and emotionally attached. Ashley Woodfolk brings the heat with this verse novel!

It all starts with a fire. But an internal flame ignites inside her. The book jumps between different timelines showing their history and past experiences, all adding to the final plot. They start as best friends, then become more. Woodfolk uses particular diction to describe those indescribable feelings we (as humanity)  feel to resonate with the reader. Every stanza is powerful, having your heart racing, and wanting to read more. There is so much tension in their relationship it begins to become unbearable, and uncontrollable. Woodfolk did not portray either character as a “good influence” or “bad influence”, but showed how each other’s actions reacted to each other. Their personalities are so incompatible that one character (usually the main character) ends up doing something risky that she’d never do. She is so infatuated with her that she will do anything for her with no hesitation.

“You hate the cold and I love it,
but I love you more.
So always, even in winter, I pray for heat.”

It is an intense, fiery, toxic love.

Woodfolk writes in second person. She uses complex metaphors to describe situations and her feelings. She writes direct and personally as if she’s writing a tortuous love note. Her writing has pause, creating dramatics and suspense for the reader.

Personally, I loved this book wholeheartedly. I’m new to reading and still finding which books I am comfortable with. But this one set the bar! I will definitely be reading more from Ashley Woodfolk. I recommend this book to young adults. Many mature events are happening and I feel it is most relatable to them. However, teenagers in high school can also equally enjoy it. Despite your sexuality, we as people can all connect and feel to this book.

I did experience a bit of a book hangover after reading this. Which is the feeling you get after finishing a book, feeling attached and still “living” in the book. The suspense and built-up tension had me wanting to read more and more. I would sometimes stay up all night still reading until my eyes gave out. I love how it got better and better, and my anticipation got higher. It is a great starter book for those who aren’t sure which books they are attracted to. I believe most will find it enjoyable.