Chiefs of Santaluces: Santiago Rivera


Jennifer Corriolan, Staff Writer

“I saw her on the courtyard bench with her friends.  The amount of attention I gave to her was very little. And that’s because I did not want her to suspect anything. In reality all I wanted as her attention. I could only imagine what she thought of me. The unknown is what I had fear of. Her smile is what made my fear disappear. I know that she was happy so I couldn’t do much about it. The bell was about to ring for class change so I had to go say hello, but I waited until she was alone. The cliche feeling of sweaty palms  and an exhausted heart rate hit me. I said hi, she smiled and it was all okay. We then got into a full on conversation about people who wear sandals to school everyday. These little details made me feel the way I did. The feeling was unrequited.”