Chiefs of Santaluces: Junie Estime


Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

“There was a time that I had a friend. I don’t want to name names so let’s just say her name was Bree. So Bree was my best friend and we were in the 2nd grade, but all of that changed when she told the teacher I said she was fat. The teacher was so offended but I really didn’t care and I was trying hard not to hold back laughter during the parent-teacher conference. I eventually stopped my giggling when my mom gave me “the look.” The next week at lunch Bree decided  to sit next to me but we didn’t talk. All of a sudden she started to rub her chest and said “My chest hurts!” I then turned and held her in my arms and screamed for help. The school nurse took 500 light years to come to her aid. Emergency was called and she was rushed to the hospital. Later on that day I went to go and see her. The doctor said she had a heart attack, barely knowing what that meant, I asked her “What attacked you?” She replied “Our friendship.” I immediately said sorry. We made up and became friends again. Sadly, a week later, she had passed away. I was sad, but I felt great knowing she died being my friend.”