Chiefs of Santaluces: Chait Singh


Chait Singh

Jennifer Corriolan, Staff Writer

“As a child, I loved going out for a walk with my dad. We lived in New York City, so it wasn’t very difficult to find new places to walk. Some days we would go to the park down the street, others we would head down to the corner store, and my dad would buy me some candy. One hot summer day, my dad took me to a Carvel that was a block or two down. I was beyond excited. When I got there, I chose pistachio ice cream on a cone. I happily exited the Carvel, ready to enjoy my ice cream. On my way back home, one of the most traumatizing events in my life occurred. We were so close to home when suddenly a pigeon attacked me for my ice cream. I dropped my cone in fear and screamed. To this day I hate pigeons.”