Chiefs of Santaluces: Anastasia Tyson

Alan McGonigle, Sports Editor

“I have always loved singing. Since I was little, it was always something that I just felt good doing. What made me get really into it, though, was when I was five and my mom made me go to this Filipino Christmas party with all of these strangers. I didn’t know [anyone]. The little kids were picked and given money if they went up and sang for everyone and my mom kind of forced me to do it. I watched for a little bit, and then I saw the kids only get around five dollars. I didn’t want to do it after that, but then they called me to go up and sang and my mom made me go up. After I sang, I was really surprised when the man handing the kids money handed me a $20 dollar bill. It made me feel really good and that I felt appreciated by many. After that, I started getting more and more into singing, but it was on and off for a while. But now, I know for sure I can’t go a day without any kind of music or singing, whether it is in chorus or its on the radio, I really enjoy it all honestly.”