Chiefs of Santaluces: Kendra Mason

Jennifer Corriolan, Staff Writer

“I developed a lot of my current fears as a child in the oddest ways. When I was four, I went to Disney with my family for my father’s 40th birthday, and that’s where I developed a fear of cactus. I remember leaning over a wooden fence to touch the cactus and getting my hand covered in the needles. When I was six, I went into the garage at night and I looked up at the tree outside to see a possum running down it. Then the possum ran into the garage with me, they are really ugly creatures and the thought of being near one is disgusting. My biggest fear of all is snakes. When I was 10, I accidentally stepped on a black garden snake. I have never ran away from something so quickly. I did not kill the snake. Instead I created a deep fear of snakes, along with a hatred that cannot be unbroken.”