Chiefs of Santaluces: Ms. Conklin

Richard Dye, Staff Writer

“My favorite memory is when I went to the adoption center with my mom when she was looking for a cat, and I ended up falling in love with this dog. She propped her paws right up on the cage, looked right at me, posed and I instantly snapped a photo. I came home and told my fianc√© we had to go back to the shelter and see this dog. Five days later, we came back and adopted her. We named her Nitrous and we loved her ever since. I love taking her to the soccer fields by my place and letting her free run. She comes to the ball fields with me and enjoys running around and rolling in the clay. Nitrous comes home and gets a bath and it’s just a whole new routine for me.¬†She is my first dog I’ve ever had and I’ve had a wonderful experience ever since.”