Chiefs of Santaluces: Megan McKee

Gillian Corallo, Staff Writer

“One time, it was the morning of a pep rally, and it was pretty cool because it was my first pep rally since I was a freshman. They asked for volunteers and I was like, ‘Me! I wanna volunteer!’ like an idiot, and so I get called down and it turns out it was this race thing when you have to pick up a balloon and run to a guy and pop it on him. I was wearing flip flops. Mrs. Fontaine came over to me and was like, ‘Take your flip flops off, you’re gonna slip,’ but I didn’t because my feet were sweaty. So, they said start and before I even started running, I fell on my face. Before I could even start running, I fell and I just tried to get back up but I stumbled and almost fell again but I caught myself with my hands. It hurt. I did not win. I actually think I got last place.”