Chiefs of Santaluces: Natalia Luna

Marie Bobb , Staff Writer

“This year, being my first year in all star cheer, has been very interesting. Busting my butt, falling on my face, blood, sweat, tears, getting the wind knocked out of me, falling down, getting back up, and getting endless bruises. I ask myself, ‘Why do I continue?’ Because the amount of sad tears can never compare to the amount of happy tears. My teammates are so much more than teammates. They’re my family. As a family, we attend competitions and support each other at all times. In the past, I was a dancer, but the adrenaline at these competitions is way more powerful and uplifting than any dance performance that I have been in. As a team, we love each other regardless if we win or lose. Cheer is an outlet where I can express how I feel and let go of all the negativity. It’s something that makes me happy.”