Chiefs of Santaluces: Elayna Scroggins

Emily Saba, Staff Writer

“It was late Saturday night, my mother and I were wandering the aisles of Walmart trying to pick out dinner. As I start to wander around I stopped at the candy aisle and noticed that my mom was no longer by my side. I began to search up and down all the rows of shelves, checking all of her favorite places. I was feeling uneasy. What if something happened? Where did she go? What if she left me?

“I started to feel anxious as I came to the realization that it has been over an hour since I had last seen my mother. I scrambled to find my phone in my pocket, typing her number as fast as I could. I was shortly disconnected because my phone had died within a few short seconds. Before I decided to take a three mile walk home, I made one more lap around the store, looking up and down every row.

“When all hope was lost, I finally found her in┬áthe one place I did not check. The bathroom.”