Chiefs of Santaluces: Madison Ford

Matthew Leto, Staff Writer

“Coming into Santaluces as a new freshman at the beginning of this school year was very nerve-racking. One of the biggest struggles I thought I would  have was that I wouldn’t be able to make any friends, since none of my middle school friends followed me to high school. I remember I couldn’t find a few of my classes because the room numbers weren’t printed right on my schedule, I couldn’t find a seat on the bus that morning and I was ridiculously tired from staying up the night before because I was worried what the first day would bring me. As my first week went on, there were days where I thought about going to another school, because I hated all the new things happening around me. When I finally got acclimated to the new environment and new people, it turned out to be great. I’m really glad I stayed at Santaluces where I’ve met some of my closest friends and already many memories.”