Chiefs of Santaluces: Caitlyn Esposito

Matthew Leto, Staff Writer

“One of my favorite memories would be when I went paddle boarding with my best friend for the first time. We went into the intercostal and just paddled for hours. It was a beautiful summer day, clear waters and just the perfect amount of sunshine. We were excited to see all the marine life and we were hoping to see manatees or Dolphins. The best part of my memory was when my friend and I were crossing the intercostal and a boat sped right past us, creating massive waves. She began to lose her balance, and it caused me to lose my balance. One of my fears is large bodies of water, so when I fell in, I immediately became super scared. My friend who is a certified lifeguard did not even attempt to help me, she just laughed at me. This experience is one that I would definitely want to do again, if I got the chance to.”

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