Chiefs of Santaluces: Bradley Toussaint


Whitney Thelusme, Staff Writer

“About three weeks ago I was invited to a USA football camp at Oxbridge Academy [in West Palm Beach]. There were many football players, some already committed to Division 1 colleges. At first, I was pretty nervous being surrounded by so much talent. Me, someone with no offers, could not afford to mess up. I was able to showcase my skills during one on ones and seven on sevens. First, I was up against a cornerback who was already committed to Syracuse, so my initial thought was ‘this guy must be good.’ The coach told me to run a go route. I ran the route and caught a jump ball over the corner, making the crowd go wild. After that I was unstoppable. The coaches were surprised when I told them I had no offers. They told me that I would pose a threat to every team I play this upcoming football season.”