Chiefs of Santaluces: Nickisha Gustave


Angelica Dameus, Staff Writer

“It was the night of the school’s Winter Concert, and I had a dual enrollment project due that same night at Palm Beach State. The concert started at 7:00pm, but the presentation was scheduled for 6:30. I emailed my teacher, asking if I could present first, and she said yes. But when I got to class, she said that whoever got to class first will arrive first, so I was rushing through my presentation. Once I finished, I sprinted towards my sister’s car and drove to the school for the concert. Then, I realized my chorus dress was locked in Mr. Andreacchio’s room, so I couldn’t perform! When they were about to perform the last song, I was disappointed, thinking about how I wasn’t able to perform for any of the concert. But [thankfully], Mr. A called me up on stage so I could sing, even without my uniform. It was really cool.”