Chiefs of Santaluces: Seaynah Gaspard

Nicole Kalpin, Staff Writer

“Two weeks ago, I was gifted a free prom dress from an organization called Becca’s Closet. I recieved a $300+ dress for free. The organization  was started to help girls who can’t afford to buy prom dresses. The only requirement for a chance to get a dress is that you must have free or reduced lunch and be a current high school student. You must bring your student I.D. card with you. They let you try on as many dresses as you want, and keep the dress of your choice. And the best part is you get to keep the dress. My dress is a coral pink, one shoulder floor length dress with gold and silver flowers around the waist and the shoulder. It also has an open back, but it’s not revealing enough to be out of dress code. It honestly looks like a goddess dress, except that it’s not white.”