Chiefs of Santaluces: Cindy Campos


Cindy Campos

Cindy Campos, in the blue dress, attended prom with two of her friends.

Nicole Kalpin, Staff Writer

“Prom for me was a very good experience because I got to spend it with all my friends. Everybody looked amazing. It doesn’t matter who you were, everybody was gorgeous and handsome. I feel like Woods did an amazing job with prom. It was one of the best nights of my life. Me and my friends went to Panera Bread before prom to eat dinner, and then when we went. It was really nice. I saw all my teachers there. I saw Mrs. Walters. Everybody looked fantastic, even the APs. The music was really fun, I literally danced the night away, it didn’t matter. So when I got home, my feet were dead, I couldn’t feel them anymore. I pretty much danced the Nile away, no joke! After prom, I went home. I was so tired. When I got home, I just got out of my dress, into my pajamas, and passed out on the bed.”