Chiefs of Santaluces: Kimmy Drake

Gillian Corallo, Staff Writer

“I lived in Ohio, and as of last year, I moved down here. I made a bunch of great friends. Life is chill, so yay! I really like to do myself and other people’s makeup. It’s fun to make someone feel great about how they look and it’s just fun to apply. I enjoy writing things too, because I like the creative freedom I can have. Considering I like to write, or draw, or even do makeup, I have to be pretty creative and be able to take what I think and put it into reality. Like I said, I like to draw things too. I take Mr. Terembes’ art level two class and it lets me understand the things I like to draw and things I may not like as much. I can really figure out what I’m trying to portray because I’ve learned how to. I really like it here and I love all the people I’ve met from it.”