Chiefs of Santaluces: Adrian Gutierrez

Matthew Leto, Staff Writer

“My favorite memory took place back in 2011, when I received a 1st place medal in the FJA State Judo Championship. It was the first medal I had ever won from a judo event and it made it very special knowing I came out as the 1st place winner in my division against so many great competitors. A week after the event, my sensei showed us the Palm Springs newspaper and it had my picture and name, and me with my winning title, I was both surprised and honored. Later on, in the summer of 2011, I took home 3rd place in the OJI event. This summer event was a little more memorable because there were people from all different counties of Florida signed up to participate in this prestigious competition. I was placed with older and higher ranked teenagers, yet, I still managed to take home a 3rd place medal.”