Chiefs of Santaluces: Anastasia Gonzalez

Alicia Newby, Staff Writer

“I am a very artsy person, so I consider myself more free. I’ve wanted a tattoo ever since i was 17; I’ve been planning on what I was going to get from my 17h birthday, to my 18th birthday. I talked my mom into getting matching ones since we have such a close relationship. Her and I love music and that is why we got the treble clef with a heart connecting it. This symbols our love and our relationship. The words around mine say, “I am the song that fills her heart.” On her tattoo, it says , “I am the lyrics that fill her soul.” The tattoo itself didn’t hurt very much. Only the beginning stung a little bit, but then it just tickled. Overall, I think tat is was a pretty good experience and i am expecting to get more.”