Chiefs of Santaluces: Emanuel “E-Man” Bernadine


Jennifer Corriolan, Staff Writer

“When I was a sophomore, me and my friends were all hanging out together. At the time i was in a relationship, so I thought I was all of that and was bragging and my friends got a little jealous. We were all at the park and you know me, always goofing off and playing around. We were messing around and we were by the pool and then I get a text from my girlfriend and she said that she was on her way to see me soon. I got so excited and I don’t know what got into me, and I jumped up. What I didn’t notice was a huge pole in my way so when I jumped up and turned around and ran right into a pole and all I heard was ‘BOOM!’ My girlfriend texted me saying she was here and I was ready to go see her, then my friends all started to laugh at me. When I asked them why, they said I had a bug knot on my eye I was so embarrassed I almost made my girlfriend go home. I didn’t want her to come all the way to my house for no reason. I looked into my phone and it looked like I had a baseball on my eye. I went to her with my head down because I didn’t want her to see my eye. She asked me what was wrong and when I looked up she looked shocked and just started laughing, I thought that she would break up with me but she didn’t. She took care of me and put ice on it for me. The next day I was the laughing stock of the bus stop,┬ábut I didn’t care because my girlfriend accepted me.