Chiefs of Santaluces: Javier Valladares


Dulce Paz, Staff Writer

“Currently, I have a huge passion for cinematography and photography. All of the stuff I do has been taught by Mr. Badome in the Visual Tech Academy here at school. I usually vision the image in my head and just point and shoot. Snapchat has something called geofilters where you take a photo and a tag will appear and I created the Santaluces Geofilter that everyone uses here at school. I also own an Instagram page called Orlando City Center where I post photos and photoshopped templates showing scores, lineup and score notifications. I am followed by many celebrities like Brazilian legend Ricardo Kaká and World Cup winner, Alex Morgan. In total, I carry 16,000 followers and it’s increasing rapidly. I do all of this without pay and I am very happy with what I contribute to the many people that follow this beautiful team in Orlando, Florida.”