Chiefs of Santaluces: Kyli Zeeman

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

“The one thing I’m definitely most looking forward to this year is volleyball, like being able to play in the games, and the practices. The position I play is an outside hitter, so I play in the front row. For training I practice everyday, I work on techniques, I work on hitting and passing, basically everything. I practice at least four times a week, for about two and a half hours each practice. I started playing volleyball when I was in 6th grade. To be honest, I just tried out to see if I would actually like it, and I ended up loving it and I became the captain of our team. I’m really motivated to keep on going because I have always had a desire of playing in college so, I want to get better, and be able to continue and go far in my career with volleyball. I’m hoping that I can get scholarships for college, that would be great.”