Chiefs of Santaluces: Nikole Victoria

Viri Reyes, Viri Reyes

“My best day ever was August 8th 2015. We had just gotten Luna, our first dog. She’s a maltipoo, and I wanted to get her another dog so she wouldn’t be lonely. I finally convinced my parents to get another one. I had my heart set on rescuing a dog. So, after being in Wellington, I convinced my parents to go to the pound. We went inside and I went around the pound once with my mom and didn’t find a dog I really liked. We were all pretty sad. When I went to look for my dad, I found him in front of a cage with his arms crossed. He was looking at a two year old husky. She had a horrible name, it was Bree. Me and my dad both loved her but we had to convince my mom to get a big dog. We wanted to take her out to play with her, but there was this lady in front of us who had her eyes on her, so I skipped her and asked the lady to take out Bree. At first she was very shy, but then she started to interact with us, and that’s when we knew that was our dog. Now her name is Bella, and she’s four years old.”