Chiefs of Santaluces: Luis Pujols


Santiago Rivera, Staff Writer

“Transitioning into senior year has been a pretty significant change. I have less classes; I have off 1st and 2nd period where I get to sleep in. And also the work load is much more simple. I don’t have to stay up every night doing homework because I really don’t have more than 3 major classes. Because of the less stress in my classes I can do a lot more and I have more hours in the day. I can play baseball to my fullest potential; I just take it day by day. ┬áSenior year has been something I’ve always wanted to reach but now that I’ve reached it I don’t want to leave. I’ve met such great people, and honestly, I don’t want to leave that behind by going off to college. But I know those people that I’ve met they’re going to do great, and I know I will too.”