Chief of Santaluces: Megan DeSouza


Israel Taylor, Entertainment Editor

“One of my biggest fears at the moment in my life is the future. It’s so crazy that c/o 2017 is going to be graduating just 7 months from now. To think that we’re going to be in college preparing for our career paths in less than a year is insane. It’s so much to process and take in. I never thought that the day when we would graduate would be coming at us this fast. I can remember counting down the years I had left until I would be done with high school when I was in elementary school and now it’s almost here. To think that we’re all going to be our own person working towards something that we’re passionate about in our life with the mutual goal of contributing something great to our world is pretty amazing. There’s so many incredibly ambitious people at our school. I am beyond hyped about the idea of gaining new experiences, trying new things, learning new things, setting new goals, and working towards those goals. It’s exciting to the point where it’s nerve-wracking at the same time because you just never know what’s going to happen. Like most people, I have so many questions about the future that simply can’t be answered. But if there’s one thing that I know for sure, its that I know we’re all destined for great things.”