Chiefs of Santaluces: Sunny Fisch


Taylor Kalbaugh, Staff Writer

“I’ve always loved animals and it wasn’t until last year that I made the connection that by consuming and participating in animal cruelty I was contradicting my own beliefs. My mom was especially concerned that I wouldn’t get enough protein, vitamins, and other nutrients. But now that I’ve been vegan for almost a year, I have calculated that I get on average more nutrients, minerals, and vitamins than when I ate like a standard American, while also feeling much better. Most of my friends have been very supportive of my lifestyle choice but they didn’t neglect to tell me, “Don’t be one of those vegans,” Thus implying that I shouldn’t boast about how I am superior to people or talk about animal cruelty and veganism at all times. But I’ve found that strangers, peers, and family often bring up veganism more than I do. They treat it like a burden and as if I am a threat to their culture and lives. I intentionally avoid bringing up my animal rights/activism beliefs because I don’t want to risk being judged or told I don’t get enough protein or animals lives don’t matter. But when I find fellow vegans while bagging their groceries at work, I am always reminded that I am making a difference and there are sane, healthy, and kind people that believe the same things that I do.”