Chiefs of Santaluces: Nicolas Lopez

Jessa Lopez, Staff Writer

“I joined the wrestling team last year and I decided to join again this year. My brother and a couple of my friends were on the team and when I saw them having fun, I decided to join too. I saw that they were also losing weight, getting fit, and in shape and I wanted to be like that as well. For me, wrestling is an intense sport, I would describe it as physical and mental chess where every move you make can determine whether you win or not. I also like the fact that the coaches are involved, they take pride and invest in you. I really like that, I am on the heavyweight (285 lbs) category and battling one-on-one with others, especially the varsity guys, they hurt a lot. Now,┬ámy aspiration is to be on the varsity team, it’ll be a great experience for me and my junior year.”

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