Chiefs of Santaluces: Colleen Rock

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

“My favorite memory was when I met up with my best friend, Ashely Rivnyak who had moved from Florida to South Carolina. We spent a week at Universal Orlando Studios. I met her in elementary school, so when she left the summer before seventh grade we were both devastated. She originally came down to Orlando for my sixteenth birthday. Luckily, it was the summer opening for Diagon Alley. We were both excited since we are ultimate fans of Harry Potter. We woke up really early to explore Diagon Alley and go on new rides. As a Harry Potter fanatic, I felt at home and was extremely satisfied with how they recreated the look and feel of the books. It felt like I was in the books. We stayed for a week and aside from going to Universal Studios, we went to Disney World too. It was really hot and I was so tired of walking. My feet hurt so bad. Although the sun was blinding, it was worth being with my best friend again. We both cried when we left. I’m hoping we can go to Universal again because I’d love to see her.”