Chiefs of Santaluces: Tyler Lasky

Matthew Leto, Sports Editor

“My favorite memory was when I went to Sanibel Island. I went with my grandma, and I was only 14 at the time. We decided to go to Sanibel Island because it was my 14th birthday and my grandma wanted to do something very special for me. Spending time with my grandma was very fun there because we are very close and have a lot of the same interests, so having loads of fun was no problem at all. While we were at Sanibel we went looking for sand dollars, shopping, and going paddle boarding, but that was just the beginning of what we did. My hands down favorite part of Sanibel Island was going to all of the different little shops there, they really had a lot of unique things that we don’t really have here. I would for sure go back to Sanibel Island again.”