COS: Guivelande Fleurant


Jessa Lopez, Staff Writer

“During middle school, we went to Paris with other students and our teacher. I was really excited to go there. We stayed there for a week. I remember saying goodbye to my parents before getting on the train to the airport. Then, we boarded the plane and I remember being so scared that I almost cried. We arrived safely and drove to our hotel and unpacked our bags. After that, we got on the tour bus and went sightseeing. We saw the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Pyramid and several museums. We had a tour guide to translate for us and we went to several hotels. I recall eating a lot of croissants and they mostly gave us small meals. The French people were very nice and although I didn’t make friends there, I got closer with the kids that were visiting Paris with us. After a week passed, we went shopping before going back home. I had lots of fun during my stay there. I always dream of going back and this time with my family.”